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Reese Marshall is as beautiful as she is deadly. A lethal killer for the Covert Organized Bureau of Registered Assassins, her life consists of assigned missions and living life on her own terms. But sometimes ghosts from the past can throw even an assassin’s life into more chaos. When the man she believes is responsible for her mother’s death, Mendoza Cabrera, resurfaces, it makes Reese question everything she thought the knew about the circumstances of her mother, Angela’s death.

Bothered by the questions she starts to have about her own agency, Reese turns to Jax Montgomery, a fellow agent and Angela’s former partner, for help looking into what really happened on her mother’s last mission. When Reese finds herself the target of an assassination attempt, she’s certain that she’s on the right track with her suspicions, forcing her to realize she needs Jax’s help more then ever, all the while trying to come to terms with her burgeoning feelings for him.

When Jax asks Reese to accompany him on a mission of his own, she agrees and soon finds herself face to face with her childhood best friend, Alexis Kastellanos. Adding to the current chaos of her life, Alexis’ appearance forces Reese to deal with her own repressed feelings for Alexis and her deepening relationship with Jax. All the while, Reese has no idea that she is still far from safe.

Forced into hiding, Reese is devastated when Alexis is kidnapped in a ploy to get to her. Vowing that nothing will stop her from rescuing her friend and discovering who is responsible for wanting her dead, Reese is unprepared when she discovers all the ways that her mother’s shocking death, C.O.B.R.A., and everything Reese thought she knew about herself are all lethally entangled.

Content Warnings: Parental death, Sexual Assault, Racism, Human Trafficking, Murder

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