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Devious Little Lies is a beautiful, majestic piece that was channeled from the book world to bless the reader's inquiring mind and heart. This book is visually artful, and is the perfect prescribe dosage of a dark love affair with an unexpected interjection of the Main character’s hardship of growing up in a dysfunctional environment and existentially questioning how can anyone survive such cruelty.

Review from Amazon reader, Kellz

DLL New Cover.jpg

From struggling Vegas showgirl to married to one of the most feared crime bosses in Vegas, Rena Rosetti thought she had finally found her happily ever after. But after ten years of marriage, five with her husband behind bars, Rena is soon forced to deal with rising threats she never saw coming.

When her husband’s criminal empire is threatened and the men he left in charge failing to do what needs to be done, Rena does the unthinkable…She takes over his business. A female boss is unheard of and completely against all the rules of the old school ways of Cosa Nostra. But Rena is a woman determined to do things her way and soon she is turning things in the Vegas mob on their head.

Just as Rena settles into her new position of power, she meets a man that ignites fires in her she thought long dead…Shane Van Adams. The only problem is Shane is very happily dating her daughter, Tricia. But when Shane and Tricia unexpectedly go their separate ways, Rena no longer is able to fight the passion threatening to consume her. Swept off her feet in a whirlwind affair, Rena’s new life is filled with power, respect, sex and a love she never thought she would feel again.

But everything in life comes with a price and Rena’s rapid rise to power has attracted deadly enemies. Forced to battle mob rivals ready to end her reign, she is unprepared to find the greatest danger could come from the man sharing her bed. Besieged from all sides, with death lurking around every corner, Rena has no idea if she will survive as old and new devious little lies finally catch up with her.

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